2020 Spring Council MEeting

Sunday March 15th, at 6:30 pm, New Hope Church, (Dinner provided)


Join the movement in May

Participation / GO2020

The great Lakes District of the IFCA is joining the global effort of mobilizing 100 million believers to reach 1 Billion people with the Gospel in May 2020. GO 2020 is a special edition of Global Outreach Day. Join thousands of churches and ministries worldwide and dedicate the month of May 2020 to prayer and evangelism. Each church, group and individuals may participate with outreach through the month of May as they see fit. With that we are specifically asking every member of every church to have Faith for Five. Choose five people around you to pray for and evangelize with the Gospel. This strategy includes three essential tasks; Prayer, share and care.


Everyone can pray for someone.

Choose someone in your workplace, school, neighborhood, or family and make a prayer list of 5.


Everyone can show someone they care.

Help or invite them to coffee, a game, or church. Be alert to ways you can care and take action.


 Everyone can share with someone.

Who is someone you would like to share Jesus with? Be intentional in starting a Gospel Conversation.


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