We have a number of individual credential holders, churches and ministries affiliated with the

Great Lakes District of the IFCA. 

We offer 5 credential levels for every type of ministry.


                              1. Christian Worker - Basic credentials to operate in the realm of chaplaincy and hospital work

                              2. Licence to Preach - This level of credential is for those who teach and minister the Word of God in                                                                                    various areas of ministry.

                              3. Minister of the Gospel - This level of credentialing gives you the ability to perform pastoral ministries                                                                                       such as weddings, funerals, baptisms  etc.

                              4. Ordained Minister - This credential is bestowed at the national level and fully ordains you as a leader                                                                                 over a ministry or church.

Contact the Tim Tyler or David Michael for more information about credentials with the IFCA.